Weatherby estates

Homeowners' Association

Weatherby HOA Documents

The some of the following forms are in PDF file format. A PDF file viewer such as the free Adobe Reader is required to view these forms.

Resolution and Policy Log
Listing of all Resolutions and Policies of the Weatherby Estates Homeowners Association, Inc.

Neighborhood Rules and Guidelines Log
Listing of all Neighborhood Rules and Guidelines of the Weatherby Estates Homeowners Association, Inc.

Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Plat of Weatherby
Last update: 05/26/2004

Bylaws (Microsoft Word version)
The Bylaws of Weatherby Homeowners' Association
Last update: 03/17/2009

Officer Duties
Description of each Officer's and the Directors' duties
Last Update: 08/07/2003

Code of Conduct
A document outlining the "code of conduct" that must be signed and followed by all Board of Directors and ACC Members.

ACC Change Proposal Form
The form used to submit for ACC approval for improvements to your property as outlined in the CC&Rs.  Examples include fences, buildings, retaining walls, etc.

Bylaw Amendment Proposal Form
The form used to submit Bylaw Amendment proposals in order to change the HOA Bylaws

Assessment Collection Policy
Weatherby Estates Assessment Collection Policy.

Waiver of Notice of Special Meeting
The form used to announce the calling of a special meeting of the Board.

Proxy Voting Form
The form used by Members to vote on HOA issues when unable to attend the Meeting of the Members.

Property Manager Contract
The contract between Weatherby HOA and Alderwood Property Management.

The following forms are coming soon:
- Director/Officer Nomination Form

Snohomish County Documents

Snohomish County Tree Removal Approval Letter