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Homeowners' Association

Neighborhood Rules and Guidelines Log

NRG No. Adopted Purpose Background Rule Resolution
1 04/17/2009 To allow additional signs, other than conventional house numbers, as provided in the CC&R;s. CC&R Section 6.24 Signs, states: "...except in accordance with such rules and regulations as may from time to time be adopted by the Declarant or Association.  In the absence of such rules and regulations, no signs whatsoever other than conventional house numbers indicating the address of the premises shall be placed on any Lot or residential site." Several lots in the community have alarm signs and/or Invisible Fence signs.  It is in the communities best interest to allow the alarm signs and Invisible Fence signs and the CC&Rs allow such provision. Each Lot may have up to one each, alarm or Invisible Fence sign, no larger than 12 inches high by 12 inches wide, and no more then three feet total high from the ground to highest point of sign or pole that it is mounted on.  The sign(s) are to be typical of that industry, professionally made and maintained by lot owners. The Board of Directors approved of and ratifies NRG #1 as voted on by the community.  See Resolution 15.
2 05/21/2009 To allow community clarification of the definition of commercial signage as found in CC&R 6.23. As it stands now any sticker on a vehicle that displays a business name could be deemed commercial signage. CC&R Section 6.23 Non-Permitted Parking, states: “…Commercial vehicles (which shall include but not be limited to automobiles which display any type of commercial signage), disabled and/or non-operational vehicles shall be subject to the same restrictions….” Our attorney advised that the definition of commercial signage was not clearly defined and as a community we could and should define that via NRG. The definition of allowable Commercial Signage as approved by the community majority vote is
1. that which is limited to the side doors only and back window. This does not include the entire side of vehicle or full wrap of the side doors.
2. private passenger type emergency response/law enforcement vehicles such as police cruisers.
The Board of Directors approved of and ratifies NRG #2 as voted on by the community. See Resolution 16.